[CentOS] rsync optimization

Tue Jan 12 06:58:30 UTC 2010
xufengnju <xufengnju at sina.com>

We are now doing on the work to reduce the amount of images that would be compared before rsync many of which maybe aready exist on the receiving end.
After we do a successful rsync, we log the images transfered, and we use another script to delete them on the send end. And that turns out to be helpful in this case.



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On Mon, Jan 11, 2010 at 4:36 AM, xufengnju <xufengnju at sina.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> We currently have upload servers in one data center(A), and users upload the
> images there. We have storage server in another data center(B). When users
> upload many images at the same time, we face sync difficulties.
> On B, we use rsync in server mode, with authentication.
> On A, we use  `rsync -azpogtRv --safe-links 1/
> rsync://user@serverB/img/ --password-file=/var/www/r.passwd `
> Both ends run centos 5.3 X86_64.
> Any suggestions to optimize rsync in this case?
You can add the following options:
The first will speed up the comparison. The second can prevent some
errors related to synchronization on the receiving side.
BTW, have you considered using a DRBD volume with GFS?  This might
work better than rsync, depending on your configuration.
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