[CentOS] Get Me Outta Here! Web site security issue

Tue Jan 12 20:35:19 UTC 2010
Pascal Robert <probert at macti.ca>

Le 10-01-12 à 15:32, Slack-Moehrle a écrit :

> Hi,
>>> How do I stop this from happing? Do I need to buy an SSL cert?  
>>> Aren't
>>> these really expensive per server and I have 5 servers I would  
>>> need to do
>>> this too.
>> The *only* way is to buy certs. And it'll be one for each sitename.  
>> And
>> you'll have to answer a *lot* of questions.... Security's cranking  
>> up,
>> esp. if you're accepting credit cards, in which case it's *really*
>> ratcheted up.
> What are the organizations that do this properly and inexpensively.
> One for each domain name, correct?

You can buy wildcard certificates if all of your servers are running  
under the same TLD.

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