[CentOS] Automatically check into SVN?

Mon Jan 25 15:11:47 UTC 2010
Mr Gabriel <gabriel at impactteachers.com>

On 25/01/2010 13:04, Greg Bailey wrote:
> Mr Gabriel wrote:
>> I would like to automatically check in a directory to SVN, to maintain
>> the changes that area made to those txt files over time. These files are
>> configuration files, and it would be good to be able to revert back by
>> simply checking out the older versions. But I would to check in the
>> files every files minutes, and I'm sure SVN will not use up any disc
>> space, unless there are any changes.
>> I already have an svn server up and running in production -- Any help
> You could take a look at FSVS, its description appears similar to your
> situation:
> http://fsvs.tigris.org/
> -Greg
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Thank you Greg, this seems to be exactly what I want. Perfect!