[CentOS] Kickstart from tagged VLAN?

Thu Jul 1 22:51:18 UTC 2010
Jeff Hefner <jeffhefner at gmail.com>

I've searched around but haven't found a definitive answer yet, is it possible to kickstart from a tagged VLAN? I found this bugzilla:


But I can't find out how far the vlan support goes. I haven't found anything about it in any kickstart docs.

I have two tagged vlans:

Vlan 100 - server subnet
Vlan 101 - backup subnet 

From start to finish anaconda needs to pick up a dynamic address from vlan 100. After that the kickstart file specifies the static adress from vlan100 and it's address from the backup subnet. Anyone know if this is currently possible? If so any nod in the right direction would be appreciated