[CentOS] Limiting fuse-mounted NTFS drive access?

Sat Jul 3 16:58:40 UTC 2010
Scott Ehrlich <srehrlich at gmail.com>

I have a CentOS 5.5 system that is dual-boot CentOS 5.5 and Windows XP
w/SP3 formatted with NTFS (for the Windows partition, of course).   I
have installed fuse (ntfs-3g) to allow read/write access to the NTFS
partition from CentOS.

No regular user has sudo.

What is the best way to limit the access a user logging into the
CentOS from mangling or changing data in unwanted areas of the
fuse-mounted NTFS partition?

I presume this would be somewhere in /etc/fstab, but what should the
mount line say for at least write limitations?