[CentOS] DomU install failure for Centos 5.5 using the "RHEL 5.4 and greater" OS option

Thu Jul 15 15:27:23 UTC 2010
David Dyer-Bennet <dd-b at dd-b.net>

Had some trouble getting Centos x64 installed as a guest in my new Centos
5.5 x64 server using Xen (thanks again for all the help getting the
hardware virtualization turned on and confirmed yesterday!).

When I chose OS Linux, and whatever they called the detailed OS subtype I
chose the Red Hat Enterprise 5.4 and greater, and then tried to install
Centos 5.5, the install started and I got into the graphics installer, but
when it was supposed to start installing individual packages the whole
virt-manager and console window hung.  Three times, at that same point. 
(I was monitoring web traffic to the install files it was working from,
and it wasn't fetching files, either).

When I selected just "RHEL 5", it installed (and I'm now running the
package updater, and it may have hung there; we'll see).

I would have expected the rhel 5.4 and greater option to be the right one
for Centos 5.5.  Anybody have similar experiences?  Or, even more
interesting, contrary experiences?

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