[CentOS] Small Business support for *nix systems in Spain

Fri Jul 23 19:05:20 UTC 2010
Kurt Hansen <khansen at charityweb.net>


This message just came across on another mailing list I am on. The 
little dig on Unix as being old and Windows being new got me annoyed so 
I wanted to reply, but with some real contacts that he asks for at the end.

I figured there might be some folks who could help him out. Feel free to 
reply on list or to me, and I will forward on your contact info.

Message follows:

Our company has 30 shops that connect to a central server where the 
point -of-sale software runs, and is currently operating on Unix (it´s 
an old system we acquired when we bought another company). It seems 
obvious we have to replace this Unix architecture with something more 
modern (and better able to manage our growing needs). The computer 
consultants we work with have suggested two options:

- Moving to Windows Terminal server (cheaper)
- Moving to Citrix with virtualized servers (more expensive but 
apparently much faster and more powerful).

Does anybody have any experience wotking on Citrix (or Windows Terminal 
Server) and have any views on them? 

Are there better options available for small to mid sized companies (we 
currently have 50 or so users logging it but expect to grow to 150-200 
relatively quickly).

Finally does anyone have any contacts in Spain that you coud recommend 
for something like this?


End of quoted message.

Take care,

Kurt Hansen