[CentOS] Php 5.2.x support ends

Mon Jul 26 07:04:25 UTC 2010
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>

Thinking of just sitting on this for awhile? Thoughts?

 Last release for PHP 5.2 & updates for 5.3

PHP Logo The users of PHP 5.2 should upgrade to 5.3 at their earliest
convenience, as the active support of the 5.2 series came to an end with the
release of version 5.2.14 earlier today. PHP 5.2.0 was released almost four
years ago and according to the release announcement,

 the developers say that, in future, any further security fixes will only be
released on a case-by-case basis. Version 5.2.14 fixes about 60 flaws, some
of which present security risks such as potential memory leaks in string

PHP 5.3.3 was released
 at the same time, containing approximately 100 bug fixes. Among the
security-relevant bugs are buffer overflows in the native MySQL driver. This
release also contains an incompatible change which concerns methods with the
same name as the last element of a namespaced class name. PHP no longer
treats such methods as constructors, instead regarding them as arbitrary