[CentOS] Keyboard macros, or another way?

Tue Jul 27 05:47:49 UTC 2010
Dotan Cohen <dotancohen at gmail.com>

As I am now managing a CentOS server, I've installed 5.4 on a spare
desktop partition. A lot of my work is to copy and paste from various
text fields online and in a local text editor. Therefore, I would like
to define my keyboard's multimedia keys for some functions:
1) Clear field (might be accomplished by Select All then Delete)
2) Cut (standard Ctrl-X clipboard, not X11)
3) Copy (standard Ctrl-C clipboard, not X11)
4) Paste (standard Ctrl-V clipboard, not X11)

To start, the key that I would like to assign for Copy has these properties:
Scancode (showkey -s):
0xe0 0xba
0xe0 0xea

Keycode (showkey):

Keycode (xev):

I have tried these .Xmodmap lines and none of the worked to assign the
key to Copy:
keycode 158 = XF86Copy
keycode 166 = XF86Copy

I should note that I _think_ that XF86Copy affects the mouse
highlight-and-middle-click clipboard, not the ctrl-c|ctrl-v clipboard.
It is the later that I do need, not the former. If I get this worked
out, Cut and Paste should be easy (ha!). However, I am still at a loss
about what to do with the "Clear field" button.


Dotan Cohen