[CentOS] ntp server

Thu Jul 1 14:51:51 UTC 2010
Brunner, Brian T. <BBrunner at gai-tronics.com>


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> Subject: [CentOS] ntp server
> I have a need to run a centos server CUT-off from any 
> connected network.
> So the NTP server that is running on this very small network 
> cannot connect to any other site to do what NTP does.
> however, I have devices on this small network that I wish to 
> use the centos server as the time source and run ntpd.

N.B. Windows does not (easily) speak ntp with a *real* ntp client,
Microsoft has its own way of doing things.

> However - it seems like ntpd server does not like to run this way.
> There is a LONG delay before it finally says OK - no one to 
> talk to so I'll just give the time anyway. Then things start working.
> Is there some method to SKIP this long delay??? It seems like 
> its 15 or 20 minutes.
> I need to bypass that delay or tell ntpd "I dont care about 
> others time" 
> just provide the time you have.

server (IP address of the machine running REAL ntp)
fudge stratum 10

N.B. stuff that goes in /etc/ntp.conf to keep the clocks secure is
omitted.  This is just the three lines to keep clocks synchronized in a
perfect world.
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