[CentOS] CentOS Cluster

Tue Jul 6 05:31:46 UTC 2010
Joseph L. Casale <jcasale at activenetwerx.com>

>to add something i don't want to use RHEL because of the license fees.
>I just would like from you please to give me the roadmap to follow it.

Hence the reason you are in a CentOS list? We also have RHEL's cluster
software which is obviously robust, to say the least. Their mailing list
is active and very competent.

Forget about rolling your own setup with newer versions of software given
the experience you have, it's hard enough. Use the tools provided by
upstream and you'll have a higher success rate. I seriously doubt you
have requirements that exceed the capabilities of the upstream packages.

I have a setup exactly like what you describe and use DRBD instead of
shared storage given the active/passive nature, it works quite well.

Roll your sleeves up and bang one out in the lab, then ask questions...

You should give a thorough read of the rhel cluster wiki, for eg.

I would also suggest not using a high level tool to do your configuring,
you'll miss so many nuances in your learning curve, so forget Luci/Ricci
and system-config-cluster.

You'll want "cman.x86_64 rgmanager.x86_64 openais.x86_64" for this minimal
setup as you can skip the clustered file system bits and just use DRBD with

You'll need to pay special attention to fencing, the cluster requires this
so it can operate with safe assumptions. Your drbd conf needs to deal with
and react to split brain syndrome.

Anyway, that's lots for now...