[CentOS] question on modprobe.conf

Wed Jul 7 11:47:47 UTC 2010
ken <gebser at mousecar.com>

On 07/06/2010 02:54 PM Jerry Geis wrote:
> I download the RHEL 6b2 and noticed the modprobe.conf
> was no longer present.
> I used modprobe.conf to place "options" for ethernet drivers
> like which order to install the drivers. e1000e before forcedeth - 
> things like that.
> Anyway - seems like that file is no longer present.
> what is the "future" way to handle driver options?
> Thanks
> Jerry

On this system (with the latest 5.5 updates) there is an
/etc/modprobe.conf file.  It must have been created by the system...
because I didn't create it.  Nor have I made any changes to it... ever.
 Moreover, the Access, Modify, and Change timestamps all correspond to
the last time the system was booted.

According to "man modprobe.conf":

There is a generate_modprobe.conf program which should do a  reasonable
job  of generating modprobe.conf from your current (2.4 or 2.2) modules

This program, however, isn't present on my system.

Manpages should have dates in the content revealing their last update.