[CentOS] DNS problem while trying to join windows 7 to samba3x pdc

Thu Jul 8 23:25:25 UTC 2010
Craig White <craigwhite at azapple.com>

On Thu, 2010-07-08 at 18:10 -0500, Doug Coats wrote:
> After a little bit of research I feel a little vindicated.  It seems
> that Samba3x seporated out nmb.  On Samba 3.0 the nmb service does not
> show up in the chkconfig.  It simply starts and stops with smb.
> On Samba3x it seporates out nmb and it does not start by itself.  So
> based on my experience I never needed to start nmb seporately so just
> like all of you it didn't enter my mind as the culperate.
yeah - Fedora packaging separated the 2 several releases ago and I
gather that all of the new packages are now doing that but RHEL releases
aren't likely to change.

I thought the name calling was rather rude/harsh and uncalled for and
think you did a pretty good job of tracking down the problem.

Generally though, in your setup I would probably discourage cross subnet
browse lists because they can get large and slow and generate excessive
traffic. I would probably segregate student computers and teacher
computers and not display teacher computers to students, etc.


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