[CentOS] OT: ?? Centos Still Broken, Red Hat won't fix ??

Fri Jul 9 22:55:42 UTC 2010
Drew <drew.kay at gmail.com>

> And I'd still be interested (as in, genuinely curious, not skeptical) to
> hear what sorts of applications benefit from optimized kernels (HPC?  I/O
> intense?) and what kind of performance increases one can get.

I'd be interested as well. I can see HPC applications potentially
benefiting but what about "real world" applications? Web, Email,
Databases, App Servers, etc

I'm specifically curious about it as I spent some time in Gentoo Land
and optimized everything seemed to be the mantra. In my own experience
the *apparent* performance difference between a system compiled as
"AMD optimal" vs "Standard x86-64" was minimal to the point of being


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