[CentOS] Simple solution for small network in a school ?

Sun Jul 11 01:09:00 UTC 2010
Rajagopal Swaminathan <raju.rajsand at gmail.com>


On 7/10/10, Niki Kovacs <contact at kikinovak.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have to install a small network in a school in a nearby village. The
> network will be Linux-only, one server and fifteen desktops. Here's the
> idea.

KISS Princple: ext3 with ACL enabled (better xfs/zfs -- in centos if
available) with a script for adding users wrapping the newusers.And
oh, gulsterefs or whatever if you want to throw in hpc.. y'know R and
renderers just love hpc and children would love their animation coming
up so fast...

A million dollar Idea if all the nodes had hard disks.. [sigh.. this
wrong way to promote business in this list...]