[CentOS] Unloking gnome keyring on login

Wed Jul 14 08:18:20 UTC 2010
Giulio Troccoli <Giulio.Troccoli at uk.linedata.com>


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> Giulio Troccoli wrote:
> > I hope someone can help me because I have spent a week on this and
> > still I can't make it to work.
> >
> > I have a CentOS 5.5 server and I am trying to set it up so
> that upon
> > login the gnome default keyring is unlocked. I don't have a
> desktop as
> > users will login using ssh only.
> I have a similar situation. I'm not quite familiar enough
> with linux to know if my experience will help you. Anyway ...
> I boot my laptop home computer (1 user) into runlevel 5 with
> *auto-login*. It has wifi built-in, and I wanted to set it up
> to auto-connect, _and_ not have to enter the keyring password.

Thanks for trying Michael, but as I said I don't use a desktop, i.e. the server boots up at level 3. All users use a terminal to ssh into the server, so auto-login is not an option.