[CentOS] GPT Partitions >2.2T with Centos 5.5

Wed Jul 14 11:38:21 UTC 2010
Peter Kjellstrom <cap at nsc.liu.se>

On Wednesday 14 July 2010, Jens Neu wrote:
> > I think ext3 is a bit slow on so big LUNS, try xfs or similar?
> there is no official support for xfs in RHEL5, so that is not an option.
> Besides, I'm talking about a drop of >150mb/s to ~10mb/s read performance
> when cracking the 2.2T size. This is clearly not in the ext3 (or FS for
> that matter) magnitude of performance issues. Also, numbers stay the same
> when dd'ing on the raw device (LUN).

Do you see the slow behaviour (10 MiB/s) for all of the device or only for the 
part that is >2T?

Why use a partition table at all? run dd directly against the device. If this 
is slow then you have a controller side problem.

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