[CentOS] Xen / KVM CentOS-5 How To Document

Fri Jul 16 17:58:06 UTC 2010
Christopher Mills <chris at chrisam.net>

I use the article on the centos wiki for Xen.

On 7/16/10, gene.poole at macys.com <gene.poole at macys.com> wrote:
> Does anyone have any idea where I can locate a 'GOOD' how-to document on
> implementing Xen and/or KVM on a CentOS-5.3 system?  I'm currently running
> VMware Server 2.0.2, but I would like to make the move to the open source
> virtualization - if possible.  What I found is somewhat short on the
> networking piece.  It doesn't matter if it's TUI or GUI.
> Thanks,
> Gene Poole
> gene.poole at macys.com