[CentOS] Desktop Supercomputer

Sat Jul 17 22:55:27 UTC 2010
Chan Chung Hang Christopher <christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk>

Rajagopal Swaminathan wrote:
> Greetings,
> Thanks Les for your reply. (I dont top-post normally, but this was an emergency)

Emergency? Sorry, but your posts are leading me to think that you have 
lost it.

>> Have you looked at Ubuntu's setup?  I don't think it deals with GPU's but it
>> might be an easier starting point than building from scratch, and if
>> anything
>> outgrows your resources it can move to Amazon's ec2.
> The point is, why should we not have and use our own resources?

/me blinks.

>> http://www.ubuntu.com/cloud/private
>> But, I think you need to look at storage and compute facilities differently
>> in a
>> cloud model.  Storage needs to be HA and redundant.  Computing needs to be
>> able
>> to fail and be replaced.
> 1. I am not able to understand  your above statement clearly. (see my
> earlier replies on this thread)
> 2. I believe (and have experienced including and mother and father),
> that nothing and/or everything is (ir)replacable.

/me stares.

> 4. I am not confused (See point 1)

Does not seem to be a matter of confusion.

You start on this list with a sharing model that sounds akin to 
time-sharing investments of say a private yacht. Then you post a string 
of stuff that are rather general, controversial, ill-informed but most 
of all, nothing to do with Centos. Keep this up and you'll be getting 
the boot. You've been 'warned' already by Karanbir.