[CentOS] Building an install disk on a USB key manually or using unetbootin

Fri Jul 23 15:38:30 UTC 2010
John Doe <jdmls at yahoo.com>

From: David <david at adurotec.com>

> The USB boots, I get the install menu, the USB  drivers, etc. are 
> installed and then I am prompted for the location of the  iso.  Once I 
> select the location and then the actual iso, the install  aborts.

Is there an error message before it "aborts"?
I use a kickstrat so I am not sure but, I think you should not be prompted for 
the iso location...
Did you add "method=hd:sda2:/centos" in syslinux.cfg?
It specifies the location of the ISO image(s).
If you are in a hurry, use the alternative methods (see Alternatives at the 
bottom of th wiki page)...