[CentOS] Php 5.2.x support ends

Mon Jul 26 07:43:32 UTC 2010
gaohu <tigerheight at gmail.com>

just this one , I found this repo yesterday. Now I'm still using my own source build
php and mysql, but thie repo looks nice ?  rpmfusion is good and stable ,but often is not 
the lastest. this one looks  good, I'll try it later. Thank you !


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发送时间: 2010-07-26  15:31:22 
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主题: Re: [CentOS] Php 5.2.x support ends 
2010/7/26 gaohu <tigerheight at gmail.com>:
> thus, can we install php 5.3.x using yum ?
> Is there any repo that we can use to install the latest version of software?
http://iuscommunity.org/ offers php 5.3.x repository to rhel and clones
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