[CentOS] Enabling X on headless server via network

Wed Jul 28 04:19:03 UTC 2010
Nataraj <incoming-centos at rjl.com>

Stephen Harris wrote:
> Even another ISP may not help so much.  I have Verizon FIOS and am based on
> the East Coast.  There's a 92ms delay to reach my linode, in Fremont.
> Any message the X client sends to the server and then waits for a reply would
> have approx 200ms round trip time.  I doesn't take long before these message
> delays add up to a real long delay.
> Even my local East Coast Panix v-colo has a 15ms delay; that's a lot smaller
> but it still adds to the time it takes to open an application; especially
> one as complicated as firefox which may make thousands of requests.
> Hence FreeNX which, effectively, runs an X server on your remote machine
> and sends screen data back to your local machine.  In this case the
> round trip times are massively reduced to effectively "local machine"
> speeds.
Are there any advantages to running FreeNX over vncserver?  Does it 
perform better?