[CentOS] Blowfish issues with somewhat big files

Thu Jul 29 16:36:34 UTC 2010
R P Herrold <herrold at centos.org>

On largish files, on a CentOS 5, 64 bit arch, openssl seems to 
work fine here

[herrold at centos-5 SRPMS]$ time openssl bf -in \
 	freeswitch-0.0.20100729.git-1.src.rpm -out \
enter bf-cbc encryption password:
Verifying - enter bf-cbc encryption password:

real    0m38.587s
user    0m3.700s
sys     0m0.568s
[herrold at centos-5 SRPMS]$ time openssl bf -d -in \
 	freeswitch-0.0.20100729.git-1.src.rpm.bf -out \
enter bf-cbc decryption password:

real    0m39.543s
user    0m3.652s
sys     0m0.792s
[herrold at centos-5 SRPMS]$ md5sum freeswitch-0.0.20100729.git-1.src.rpm \
b33eed78ec8fbccb7ef632c0c4bfe8ac  freeswitch-0.0.20100729.git-1.src.rpm
b33eed78ec8fbccb7ef632c0c4bfe8ac  new_freeswitch-0.0.20100729.git-1.src.rpm
[herrold at centos-5 SRPMS]$ ls -alh freeswitch-0.0.20100729.git-1.src.rpm \
-rw-r--r-- 1 herrold herrold 320M Jul 29 11:00 freeswitch-0.0.20100729.git-1.src.rpm
-rw-rw-r-- 1 herrold herrold 320M Jul 29 12:33 new_freeswitch-0.0.20100729.git-1.src.rpm
[herrold at centos-5 SRPMS]$

As such perhaps you are overrunning a pipe, or have a problem 
elsewhere in the process

-- Russ herrold