[CentOS] When should LVM be used?

Sat Jul 31 12:32:34 UTC 2010
Drew <drew.kay at gmail.com>

> Yea the default works but how is it Plain Wrong?  If it was flat out
> wrong then Upstream would not allow it.  Raid 1 disk array with one hot
> spare on a hardware raid controller under a SAN server is what you
> saying is wrong?  Case is, the array is not using /home or /var; were
> only exporting nfs luns direct attached.  What on earth and why would I
> want to have another drive for /var &/home in this case.  I'm just
> asking but not arguing.  There are cases where it works exceptionally.
> In fact my opinion is it works nice for newbies, untill they gets a lil
> experience.

I'd still want a separate partition for /var for the SAN
configuration. I've seen more then one machine brought to it's knees
by overflowing log entries.


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