[CentOS] Package Distribution Server?

Fri Jun 4 08:11:21 UTC 2010
Jens Neu <jens.neu at biotronik.com>

If you set up a big number of workstations (my pain shreshold woud 
probably be around 20), or if you have hard requirements that the 
workstations are really equal in patch level you should maybe consider a 
Spacewalk server:


Jens Neu

Health Services Network Administration

Zhihao Lou <lzh1984 at gmail.com> 
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06/04/2010 05:28 AM
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[CentOS] Package Distribution Server?

Dear List,

I'm trying to set up a lab with multiple workstations running CentOS 
5. Does anybody knows how to keep the packages in sync among 
workstations? Ideally I want any change made on any machine be able to 
applied to all other machines. Alternatively, to "push" the changes 
(add and/or remove packages) from one central server to all other 
machine is also fine.


Zhihao Lou

P.S.: Sorry for the confusion subject line. I really don't know what's 
the accurate name for the feature I described here.
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