[CentOS] Package Distribution Server?

Fri Jun 4 13:55:46 UTC 2010
Baird, Josh <jbaird at follett.com>

If you wish to "push" packages from a central server whenever you want,
you could create your own local CentOS repos which rsync from CentOS
repos nightly, and then use some simple scripts to execute "yum update"
or whatever via SSH on remote nodes.


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On Friday, June 04, 2010 12:01 PM, John R Pierce wrote:
> Zhihao Lou wrote:
>> Dear List,
>> I'm trying to set up a lab with multiple workstations running CentOS
>> 5. Does anybody knows how to keep the packages in sync among
>> workstations? Ideally I want any change made on any machine be able
>> applied to all other machines. Alternatively, to "push" the changes
>> (add and/or remove packages) from one central server to all other
>> machine is also fine.
> create your own inhouse yum repo, put the packages you want to update
> that server, and have the workstations do a nightly `yum update`
> of course, being configured to use your repo instead of the default
> internet centos repo)

Or sync everything/relevant tree from a local mirror to run a local 
Centos (Centos x) repo and then setup another repo for your own
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