[CentOS] 194 Kernel Panic; 164 is Fine; How Do I Debug?

Sun Jun 6 19:44:11 UTC 2010
Kevin Krieser <k_krieser at sbcglobal.net>

On Jun 6, 2010, at 1:11 PM, John Thomas wrote:

>> Let's see - you're running a Dell and the second photo is out of focus....
> It's worse than that.  It's a Dell monitor on a custom built machine by 
> someone who does not know what they are doing (me).  Would a more 
> focused picture help?
>> Sorry, I just couldn't resist.
> No worries, just keeping helping ;)
>> I'm wondering if is has something to do with the PAE kernel vs. your
>> machine.  Can you elaborate on that at all?
> Not sure what to do here.  I am at hobbyist skill level.
> With your question, I tried using the regular (non-PAE) kernel.  The 
> system halted after udev [ok] and no other on-screen information.
> Thank anyhow!

One option is to just continue to run a working kernel, depending on what you are doing on the system, and hope that the next kernel is fixed.

I've had the problem with some revs of the kernel, both at work where we use the upstream provider and at home with CentOS, and eventually a later version worked.  It apparently affected a paying customer who reported it.