[CentOS] Service monitoring/"Monit"?

Fri Jun 11 08:35:29 UTC 2010
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

On 11/06/2010 08:21, Toralf Lund wrote:
> Has anybody here tried the "Monit" utility (http://mmonit.com/monit/)? 

For what you are trying to do - take a look at God (
http://god.rubyforge.org/ ) instead or : as lesser complex solution -
bluepill ( http://github.com/arya/bluepill )

I've used Monit quite extensively in the past and found it to be quite
limiting in that it wont let you easily wrap your app into a self
managed bundle, or be able to use arbitrary conditions to influence
monitoring state. Eg. When you are doing a yum upgrade httpd; you dont
really want monit to try starting httpd when the rpm -e has just happened.

In your specific case, it will be nearly impossible for you to get Monit
to do something like ' keen an eye on sshd, but only if it was already
running and keep it in its state I left it manually.'


- KB