[CentOS] yum force

Tue Jun 15 22:55:11 UTC 2010
Benjamin Franz <jfranz at freerun.com>

On 06/15/2010 03:52 PM, Benjamin Franz wrote:
> On 06/15/2010 03:26 PM, Kahlil Hodgson wrote:
>> On 06/16/2010 06:10 AM, m.roth at 5-cent.us wrote:
>>> I'm trying to do an update to some servers... and they have both i386 and
>>> x86_64 perl. The latter won't update, because the idiotic *man pages* are
>>> dups. Is there *any* way, short of using rpm directly with a --force, to
>>> get yum to ignore the dups and do the update?
> The only answer I've come up that works reliably is rebuilding at least
> one of the conflicting rpms with the man page generation suppressed.
> to the line of the spec file with the 'Makefile.PL' entry.

I realized after I sent that that it wasn't clear how to do it. The 
relevant line of the spec file will look something like this after editing:

%{__perl} Makefile.PL INSTALLDIRS=site INSTALLMAN1DIR=none 
INSTALLMAN3DIR=none `%{__perl} -MExtUtils::MakeMaker -e ' print 
qq|PREFIX=%{buildroot}%{_prefix}| if \$ExtUtils::MakeMaker::VERSION =~ 
/5\.9[1-6]|6\.0[0-5]/ '`

Benjamin Franz