[CentOS] Cacti/snmp question

Wed Jun 16 15:30:17 UTC 2010
Joseph L. Casale <jcasale at activenetwerx.com>

>> Two, hours of attempting to get cacti to work have led me to be
>> underimpressed with the whole project.
>That's odd because other than the usual php version issues I've always 
>considered cacti to be the easiest of the graphing tools to get working 
>- but I haven't tried the most recent versions.

Last I looked at Cacti, the hack to get some plugin support didn't work
for me and I didn't have the patience to waste time with it, dropped it.

Munin never had zooming graphs, and needed a cgi to prevent obscene load
in anything other than a trivial environment, dropped it.

I have Nagios and PNP and it works well. Since your first reco to me about
OpenNMS I have been intrigued, it looks like a very nice project and is very
active. Ironically I do almost all my Nagios monitoring via snmp and where
I can't normally use snmp, I create extends...

>If you are willing to hack some ugly-looking xml files that specify the 
>oids and time intervals you can probably make opennms work for you - and 
>you might find its other features (thresholding, notifications, etc.) 
>useful too.

Yeah, I also want to take the time to learn this package, it does look
very powerful.

Whit, if you are starting from scratch, I would second the reco to invest
the time in OpenNMS and just learn something solid from day one.