[CentOS] Migrating away from Nagios

Fri Jun 18 17:06:07 UTC 2010
Joseph L. Casale <jcasale at activenetwerx.com>

>It depends on what you are doing, but if it is mostly snmp data 
>collection and icmp/tcp application monitoring, OpenNMS will probably do 
>it out of the box with autodiscovery and no client setup.  If you have 
>lots of custom nagios client code, you'll probably have to twiddle some 
>ugly XML config files to get that data collected.  The mail list support 
>is fairly good if you have problems.

Compared to Nagios, how difficult was it to get OpenNMS running in your
environment? I found Nagios trivial but have never really rolled my sleeves
up with OpenNMS, I have just sort of kicked the tires over the years...

I have to say the WMI capability of Zenoss is a real plus for me and the
documentation  for Zenoss looks way better than OpenNMS which even they
admit on the wiki isn't very good:)