[CentOS] Ganglia

Fri Jun 18 19:08:34 UTC 2010
John R. Dennison <jrd at gerdesas.com>

On Fri, Jun 18, 2010 at 08:41:26AM -0400, Whit Blauvelt wrote:
> Now you're threatening to expel me from the community? For posting notes on
> workarounds to get a useful package to work? What's this about? Ganglia's
> working fine for me.

	I'm honored that you think I have that much sway in this
	community that I would be able to expel you from it.  The
	reality, however, is quite different.  I don't speak for the
	project, nor do I speak for the community as a whole; I have
	enough difficulty speaking for myself.

	My issues were your building from native source doing the
	standard three-step; it's wrong to do so in an rpm-managed

> My claims? The project's own documents describe this stuff. You saw no
> conflicts? Great. Not every bug shows up on every box. You believe one
> instance of not seeing a bug means no on else will? That's Microsoft-style
> quality control.

	Yes, *claims*.  You've provided no evidence except your claims
	that it didn't work.  And please understand that I said it
	worked *for me* and that *I* didn't see a conflict.  I never
	said it wasn't an issue for others.  Had I noticed a problem I'd
	also have taken the time to document such to the parties
	responsible, including this mailing list.

> Sorry. If that's confusion, I got it from instructions (several sets of
> them) out on the web for installing Ganglia from EPEL, which referred to it
> as a Fedora repository. 

	Yep, confusion.  You do, I hope, realize that EL and the
	offspring of EL including CentOS are based on Fedora?  This
	makes Fedora the test base for future EL cuts.  EPEL is just a
	3rd party repo providing (mostly) Fedora kit rebuilt for EL use
	in CentOS, SL, etc.

> I said I've been a Linux sysadmin since '93. I've been in the industry since
> '82. Thanks for mistaking me for a youngster though!

	That's nice.  With an illustrious background such as yours I'd
	expect less argument over the merits of SRPMs vs native builds
	and a better understanding of EPEL's role.


Most people hate the idea of evolution because they realize that if it were
working properly, they'd be dead.

-- Anonymous
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