[CentOS] Physical-to-Virtual (VMware) & SELinux

Sun Jun 20 19:12:37 UTC 2010
Pascal Robert <probert at macti.ca>

Le 2010-06-19 à 09:01, Eero Volotinen a écrit :

> 2010/6/19 Jorge Fábregas <jorge.fabregas at gmail.com>:
>> Hello guys,
>> I have a couple of servers that I'm about to virtualize to our VMware Vsphere
>> ecosystem.  For Linux servers I read that one needs to use the stand-alone
>> converter (which is a live-cd that you boot from it and then you point it to
>> your destination ESX).
>> I would like to know from folks that have already done so...what was your
>> experience like? Did everything went smooth? Any caveats?  I'm worried about
>> the filesystem extended attributes (SELinux). Will it survive the migration? Or
>> will I need to relabel the whole filesystem again?
> Usually it works fine, just need to install vmware tools after
> conversion. Also, you cannot resize linux disk(s) during conversion.

We migrated a couple of CentOS 5 and RHEL 4 boxes to VMWare ESX4 with the standalone converter and I was able to modify the size of a couple of partitions.

And true, only the stand-alone converter is supported for Linux P2V, the one bundled in vCenter can only do Windows P2V.