[CentOS] Using a composite device under Centos 4.8 - no mouse clicks

Mon Jun 21 01:26:49 UTC 2010
Tsuyoshi Nagata <nagata3333333 at jp.fujitsu.com>

(2010年06月20日 10:38), Stephen Harris wrote:
> However the existing machine I want to use the keyboard on is already
> configured and running 4.8 (it's a work machine, initially installed as
> 4.1 or maybe even just 4) and I'm not willing to spend the time needed
> to rebuild it as a 5.5 machine and then reinstall and add 5+ years of
> customisation...
How about virtualization?(CentOS5.5Xen+4.8, Ubuntu10.04+Vmwareplayer+4.8)
Rebuilding kernel takes much times than making virtual environment.

> (I'm lucky if I can even do a yum update when the next version comes out!)
There is no update for latest hardware recognition
in CentOS4(in maintenance mode). This is upstream
maintenance policy.