[CentOS] [DRBD-user] Kernel independent DRBD packages for RHEL, CentOS and Scientific Linux

Mon Jun 21 19:34:06 UTC 2010
Ralph Angenendt <ralph.angenendt at gmail.com>

Am 21.06.10 18:21, schrieb Dag Wieers:

> Once again, I didn't want any controversy, we are just looking for CentOS 
> people that are willing to test and provide feedback regarding the ELRepo 
> kmod-drbd packages (preferably on the ELRepo bug-tracker / mailinglist to 
> not cause even more controversy).

I'm not seeing this as a controversy, and I'd probably be happy normally
if someone else took care of those modules, but as we started offering
those modules in extras, we need to offer those as to not interrupt
"user experience". I just wanted to say that I still care about those
modules, but the "publishing experience" hasn't been that great for the
last ones. And yes, that is my fault to a rather large degree.