[CentOS] Centos to use two ISP concurrently..?

Sun Jun 27 14:01:27 UTC 2010
Rainer Duffner <rainer at ultra-secure.de>

Am 27.06.2010 um 12:36 schrieb Arun Khan:

> On Sun, Jun 27, 2010 at 3:07 PM, Roland RoLaNd <r_o_l_a_n_d at hotmail.com 
> > wrote:
>> i have two initial thoughts to solve this hope you could straighten  
>> me
>> out if they're wrong or suggest something better that your experience
>> lead you to use:
>> 1. setup Openvz on a centos box, get two templates up and running  
>> with
>> squid setup on them. each one with a different IP.
>> Each template would be routed to one ISP, and both proxies would be  
>> used
>>  in child/parent proxy manner so i could use caching from both.
>> and i could split my users in half, 1 half would be using Squid#1 and
>> the other using squid#2.
>> 2. the same squid box have two Nics, with two IPs, one routed to each
>> ISP, i get squid listening to port " 80" on both IPs, and same as  
>> above,
>>  half of my users would be running on IP#1 and the others on IP#2.
> I would suggest you put the Proxy box behind a "load balancing" router
> [1] and let the router handle the traffic to the 2 ISPs, if all you
> are doing is outbound traffic from LAN to WAN ('Net).
> [1] Google search "linux load balance router"  This particular looks
> promising YMMV depending on your network setup and objectives.
> <http://blog.taragana.com/index.php/archive/how-to-load-balancing-failover-with-dual-multi-wan-adsl-cable-connections-on-linux 
> >

Or better just download pfSense ( http://www.pfsense.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=58&Itemid=46 
  ) and use it's Outbound Load-Balancing Feature:

Haven't used that particular feature, though.

That said, it could certainly also be achieved with CentOS (above  
tutorial), but good luck getting CentOS working on an embedded  
platform like ALIX...
And for 2MBit, you don't even need an ALIX, the previous generation  
WRAP would be more than enough.
(unless you need fast access to something in the DMZ)
Wasting a full-blown PC/server on one or two 2 MBit lines is certainly