[CentOS] Virtualization as cheap redundancy option?

Mon Jun 28 13:34:29 UTC 2010
Whit Blauvelt <whit at transpect.com>

On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 07:25:59AM -0600, Warren Young wrote:
> On 6/25/2010 8:33 AM, Brian Mathis wrote:
> > - VMware Server seems like it's EOL, even though vmware hasn't
> > specifically said so yet
> Given that there are known serious bugs in 2.0.2[*] and that release is 
> now 8 months old, that seems plausible to me.  But another plausible 
> explanation is that they've decided to throw all their effort at a 3.0 
> release.

If you look on their site, they clearly specify that they do not offer a
paid support option for VMware Server, that it's community supported only.
Does that seem like an attitude towards a product they plan to update?