[CentOS] CentOS MD RAID 1 on Openfiler iSCSI

Tue Jun 29 05:06:51 UTC 2010
Christopher Chan <christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk>

On Tuesday, June 29, 2010 04:53 AM, Emmanuel Noobadmin wrote:
> On 6/29/10, Karanbir Singh<mail-lists at karan.org>  wrote:
>> Depends on how you set it up, if you have 2 machines ( disk nodes ),
>> exporting iscsi. 1 machine ( data node ) doing the import and sets up a
>> raid1; you can afford to have one of those two machines down. You *cant*
>> afford to have the data-node down. Thats where the filesystem lives. You
>> can potentially have the same disks from the disk-nodes imported to a
>> standby data node using something like drbd over the mdraid setup.
>> Alternatively, you can look at using a clustered filesystem and have it
>> go X way. But then you may as well use something like gnbd with gfs2
>> instead(!).
> Looking up gfs2 was what lead me to glusterFS actually and because
> glusterFS had all the RAID stuff pointed out upfront, I stopped
> reading about gfs2. Googling gluster then lead to openFiler which then
> seemed like a simpler way to achieve the objectives.

No acls on Gluster...but I suppose you have no need for acl support...