[CentOS] CentOS MD RAID 1 on Openfiler iSCSI

Wed Jun 30 03:43:09 UTC 2010
Drew <drew.kay at gmail.com>

>> D-Link? :-D. I had to get D-Links when money was a bit tighter but now I
>> have HP Procurve 9210al switches.
>> /me stomps on Cisco crap.
> D-Link had always been decent to me so that's what I usually go for if
> available. I've heard people mentioned the HP ProCurves for many years
> as really good stuff but I also thought Cisco was the industry
> standard?

I've heard good things about the HP Procurve's as well. Both my local
vendors claim good success with them and the lifetime warrranty isn't
so shabby either.

Barring that I've had good luck with Linksys over the years. We just
recently installed a 48port gigabit switch in the office that set us
back around $900. Equivalent Procurve was priced at around $3000.


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