[CentOS] Backuppc-updates on CentOS

Sorin Srbu sorin.srbu at orgfarm.uu.se
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>All repositories are hard to use with other repositories.  Yum doesn't
>pay attention to repo tags, so all they do is help point out problems
>after the fact.  I think it was a dumb decision for epel to not use tags
>but it is worse that yum doesn't track where it got things. For packages
>you haven't installed yet, 'yum info packagename' will show the
>repository location(s).
>As an example of things that go wrong, on one machine I have subversion
>and viewvc from rpmforge (to get a version that is not ancient), but
>epel's build number for viewvc is higher and the rpmforge/epel versions
>land in different places and are incompatible.  So, with my usual
>practice of leaving epel enabled during updates, I pick up epel's
>newer-numbered package which overwrites some of the rpmforge version and
>keeps some, leaving it very broken.  But fortunately it's a standalone
>package and not to hard to fix by removing the one you don't want and
>re-installing with the right combination of enablerepo= and disablerepo=
>on the yum command line.  When this happens to things with a lot of
>dependencies it is a real mess.

I think I get the general gist of it. Thanks all who put me on the right

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