[CentOS] issues with 3rd party repos for centos

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Mon Mar 1 16:54:53 UTC 2010

  i'm reading the lowdown on 3rd party repos with respect to centos


and i have a couple questions and observations.  first, the entry for
centosplus reads:

"Popular packages from this repository include: postfix with database
support, a rebuilt kernel with additional drivers & filesystem
support, php5 and mysql5."

however, i popped over to the centosplus packages site:


and checked under x86_64, but i don't see any php or mysql packages.
am i misreading something?

  next, regarding remi collet's repo:

"Has been recommended on the mailing list and forum for mysql 5.1 and

however, if you check over there (say, under x86_64):


remi appears to already be up to php 5.3.1 (and even 5.3.2 under the
"test" link), so the centos wiki page is a bit out of date.

  finally, all i want is to install PHP 5.3.x (and, obviously,
dependent packages) on a stock centos 5.4 system.  is remi collet's
repo a good choice for that?  the centos wiki recommends "extreme
caution" for that repo, which makes me nervous.

  more to the point, are there any serious issues involving bumping up
php to 5.3.1 on a stock centos 5.4 system while leaving everything
else where it is?


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