[CentOS] SOLVED - Shutdown/poweroff does not power off machine

ken gebser at mousecar.com
Mon Mar 1 17:01:55 UTC 2010

On 02/28/2010 05:25 PM Michael Klinosky wrote:
> Eero Volotinen wrote:
>> On 1/4/10 10:57 PM, Scot P. Floess wrote:
>>> ...  When I had Fedora 11 and 12 on
>>> it, I could issue a poweroff command and the machine would power itself off.
>>> However, under CentOS it doesn't turn the machine off whatsoever.  When it
>>> completes, the machine is still running with a message of "system halted."
>>> Then I have to physically hit the power button to turn it off...  I
>>> believe at some point I did try to issue a shutdown command - but had the
>>> same results...
> No, I'm not the OP. But, I found a solution for my system.
> During boot, I noticed an error line --
> "BIOS fails cutoff age - ACPI might not work. Use acpi=force to fix."
> So I did; the machine now actually turns off after shutdown.

Great work, Michael!  Where did you insert/type in "acpi=force"?

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