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Robert Heller heller at deepsoft.com
Tue Mar 2 00:20:59 UTC 2010

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> Hi All,
> I have a server that is running nicely, except I have hit the maximum RAM (4gb) and I wish to add more.
> It is an ASUS board, AMD X64 dual core, nvidia nic.
> What I want going to move to is a dell board, Intel Pentium M dual code, which supports 8gb of RAM.
> Can I just unplug the HD and move it to the new server and boot it up?

What flavor of hard drive controller?  If generic IDE, yes.  If SCSI or
SATA (or 'fancy' IDE), only if the original and replacement use the
same driver module (if a PCI SCSI card, move the SCSI controller with the

If the controller is *different*, remake the initrd and add the proper
driver for the replacement board:

mkinitrd --with=<mumble> -f /boot/initrd-`uname -r`.img `uname -r`

<mumble> is the driver module for the new board's HD controler.

(Do this on the original system.)

You can use a livecd to determine that.

You *could* just do the transplant and then use the install CD (or a
live CD) in rescue mode to 'fix' the initrd.

> I assume that the NIC will need to be re-setup, but what other issues would there be?

Hard drive controller if SCSI or SATA.

Oh, are the processors on the Dell board X64 capable?

> I am not running X at all. Doing apache, zimbra, mysql.
> Best,
> -Jason
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