[CentOS] kexec for CentOS 4?

Tom Georgoulias tomg at mcclatchyinteractive.com
Tue Mar 2 15:54:38 UTC 2010

On 03/02/2010 10:04 AM, Tony Mountifield wrote:
> In article<4B8D1650.1060001 at mcclatchyinteractive.com>,
> Tom Georgoulias<tomg at mcclatchyinteractive.com>  wrote:
>> On 03/02/2010 05:10 AM, Tony Mountifield wrote:
>>> I have a remote CentOS 4 machine on a network where I can't put a DHCP
>>> or PXE server, and I want to do a complete reinstall. So what I want to
>>> do is, from the currently-running system, to invoke an installation
>>> kernel and initrd in just the same way that GRUB would, giving it a boot
>>> command line that specifies a remote kickstart file, installation tree,
>>> and other required info.
>>> If not, are there any other ways to achieve what I've described?
>> I would use cobbler and koan for this.  Once you have a cobbler server
>> setup for the kickstart (which is super easy to do), you can use koan
>> with the --replace-self and -k options and do exactly what you want.
> Can this be done even if I can't put the cobbler server on the same
> network as the box I want to re-install? The information I found on
> cobbler suggested to me that it was a tying together of DHCP, PXE,
> kickstart and install tree. As I understand it, the DHCP and PXE/TFTP
> servers have to be local, and also I have to have the box able to perform
> a PXE boot. So if the box in question is remote and on a network that
> I don't control or have any other boxes on, I suspect cobbler and koan
> wouldn't work.
> I could well have misunderstood - I found very little detail about koan
> apart from the command line options.

You can use cobbler and install clients without DHCP/PXE.  When you run 
koan, you pass in all of the normal kickstart options you would use to 
configure a static network interface (ip, netmask, gateway, dns, 
ksdevice, etc.).  Koan will download the kickstart config and 
initrd/vmlinuz images you need to boot up, plus add all of the grub 
entries you need to automatically get into the kickstart after a reboot. 
  On your next reboot, it will choose that entry in grub, immediately go 
into kickstart mode, and follow the config in the ks.cfg file that it 
pulled from the cobbler server.


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