[CentOS] DHCP client not working with Windows DHCP / dynamic DNS server

Tony Mountifield tony at softins.clara.co.uk
Wed Mar 3 09:53:23 UTC 2010

In article <4298. at webmail.linuxpowered.net>,
nate <centos at linuxpowered.net> wrote:
> Florin Andrei wrote:
> > Is there anything else I can do on my side to make it happen? Any
> > particular options in dhclient.conf or something like that?
> See the man page ?
>        The client now has some very limited support for doing DNS
> updates  when  a  lease  is  acquired. This is prototypical, and
> probably doesn't do what you want.   It also only works if you
> happen to have control over your DNS server, which isn't very
> likely.

I think this is describing something different, and is a way for the
DHCP client to directly send a dynamic DNS update to the DNS server.

In the OP's scenario, the DNS entries are updated by the DHCP server
when it grants a lease to a named client. The question is, what info
is the DHCP server receiving from Windows clients to enable this,
that his CentOS client is failing to send?

It might have to come down to sniffing the packets from each and

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