[CentOS] BMC IPMI configuration on centos 5.4 64 BIT Server

Joseph L. Casale jcasale at activenetwerx.com
Wed Mar 3 19:09:24 UTC 2010

>Really its very urgent i have to handover the server in next 12 hours.

Sucks to be you:)

OTOH, I am in a similar boat and have different hardware across a two
cluster and I choose to perform the safest way I could think to fence
with the hardware I have, I wrote a Perl script to drop the ifAdminStatus
of the port that the data runs over on my switch. Aside from power
fencing with a separate device, this is pretty reliable (using drbd, so
no fabric switching options).

I have another nic for mgmt that uses iptables to make sure only ssh
runs through it.

I had to make my own, as the older fence_ifmib didn't do snmpv3, and
the newer one uses a myriad of python deps that aren't in 5.4, but
scheduled for 5.5.

Hit me offllist if you like.

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