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David Milholen dmilholen at wletc.com
Wed Mar 3 20:40:59 UTC 2010

For example if i have 2 ibm Eserver 326 with dual xeon 2.8ghz each with 
2 sata 200Gb drives.
how many virtual machines can be configured on those to run a couple of 
mail servers and some network monitoring like ntop/nagios
possibly add domain hosting services on there also?


Les Mikesell wrote:
> David Milholen wrote:
>> What are some min requirements for Hardware and what performance 
>> differences are there in just running another pid for an app?
> That question is way too general to answer and also depends a bit on what VM 
> approach (xen/kvm/vmware server, vmware esxi) you use.  As a rule of thumb, I'd 
> expect to lose 10% in overall performance and much more than that from disk head 
> contention unless you plan the layout very carefully and spread over independent 
> drives.  You can make some (perhaps more than that) back by overcommitting the 
> machines where the load is likely to be bursty and staggered and by having a lot 
> of RAM for better disk buffering.

David Milholen
Project Engineer
Wireless Etc

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