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David Milholen dmilholen at wletc.com
Thu Mar 4 03:59:55 UTC 2010

 That pdf resolved a bunch of questions I had..
Thanks, now I have a focus and some new toys to play with.
 I am going to configure a VM and have a snapshot of the Native QMT-PLUS 
server and let the VM do all of the backups to the NAS.
If all goes well the goal will be to have a 2 machines and both set up 
to do VM doing replication for the mail services.

nate wrote:
> David Milholen wrote:
>> I have managed these for so long on just a couple of machines but
>> technology is changing and we are growing as a company and I have heard
>> and read great things that can be done with VM.
> Really depends on how much usage the systems get, if you are migrating
> from physical systems to virtual systems look at the CPU, load, and
> i/o(if linux use iostat). I run vmware server on a 5-year old system
> which has 2 VMs on it, runs apache, mysql, mail services, dns, and
> a bunch of other small things. Works fine, though my typical CPU
> usage on the *host* is 5%. Running off a pair of 250GB SATA drives
> connected to a 3Ware 8006-2 RAID card. Dual Xeon 3Ghz, 6GB ram, 32-bit.
> In my experience most systems like the ones your using hosting
> the apps you mention are idle 99%+ of the time, making them perfect
> VM candidates.
>> I have another ibm Eserver with a couple of scsi 15k 50GB drives and 4
>> GB of memory that I can configure from scratch to do VM or what ever I need.
>>  I guess I should start by asking how VM is configured and How does
>> allocate resources on the server?
> Resource allocation depends on the VM technology your using, myself
> I am a long time VMware fan/user, so I stick to their stuff, but
> no matter what it really depends on how much load your system  will
> be under.
> >From a VMware perspective, this PDF is informative, but probably
> well beyond the scale your operating at, you can get an idea as
> to the complexity that "virtualization" entails.
> http://portal.aphroland.org/~aphro/vmware/09Q3-perf_overview_and_tier1-pac_nw.pdf
> Performance of bare metal hypervisors like VMware ESX will
> dramatically outperform the hypervisors that run on top of
> another OS(I think they call them "type 2") like VMware server.
> But bare metal hypervisors have very strict hardware requirements.
> I use VMware server on my own system since the hardware is not
> supported by ESX.
> At my full time job I run dozens of ESX systems on real hardware,
> with a proper SAN and networking infrastructure.
> nate
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