[CentOS] iptables bugs going untended?

Paul Graydon paulgraydon at gmail.com
Fri Mar 5 23:10:40 UTC 2010


I submitted a bug report, 0004193 and did a forum post: 
regarding a bug / problem I keep coming up against with CentOS 5.x's 
kernel.  I've done a load of searching on the subject but can't see any 
references on any CentOS list or mantis, so I'm trying to follow up and 
see if anyone can work on it, though there are references to it 
occurring in other distributions/kernels, though I'm yet to see a 
reference to a solution though it logically must exist.

This problem is way beyond my expertise.  Unfortunately I've not seen 
any response at all with the bug submission, and checking over mantis it 
would appear not much is done regarding iptables, there are a number of 
bug reports that are sitting in a new state 
having been automatically assigned to kbsingh at karan.org.

Is there any chance someone can help me progress with this bug at all?  
I really do want to avoid compiling iptables and ipset and using them on 
the servers not out of inability or laziness, but from the patching, 
security and server consistency perspective (one of the bonus points of 
using distributions like CentOS)


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