[CentOS] compilers a security risk?

Geoff Galitz geoff at galitz.org
Sun Mar 7 15:19:10 UTC 2010

> As was stated by others the compiler itself isn't any more of a
> security risk then any other tool. If a hacker can get root he can
> just as easily upload binary packages as he can compile source.

It is still a wise decision to not have the compiler installed if it can be
avoided.  Any hacker that is not at a senior/high end intermediate level of
expertise will not have all the different versions of his rootkit and other
tools easily available for all the different OS distros and kernels that
he'll find on the Internet.. so I'd say that most hackers cannot just as
easily upload binary packages because of the wide array of support that he'd
need.  Admittedly since Centos/RHEL is such a big presence there is a higher
degree of likelihood that he'd have the right tools in a binary package at
hand, but he'll still have to expend more time and effort, not to mention
that the uploads are more likely to be noticed.

Making the bar higher, even in little increments, is a basic tenant of
systems security.  Never dismiss the power of baby steps.


Geoff Galitz
Blankenheim NRW, Germany

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